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Technology built for mass participation endurance events

We help event organizers attract, convert and retain their customers through one seamless, user-centric experience.

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Let’s Do This is trusted by leading event organizers

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Your events. Our technology.

The tools you need to create an amazing participant experience, from the moment they hit your website.

Event Registration

Provide an amazing experience by leveraging our consumer focused reg. product, proven to outperform industry standards.

CRM Tooling

Engage with participants from one platform thanks to our email suite, designed to drive loyalty and  increase registrations.

Data & Insights

We don't just give you data. We give you actionable insights and guidance, so you can take control and grow your sales.


Turn your participants into  influencers with purpose-built group reg, invites, referrals, and an app designed to attract Gen-Z.


Make add-ons a powerful source of extra revenue for your business using our inbuilt tools and an integration with Shopify.


Delight your partners with fundraising management access, plus powerful integrations and in-flow prompts for participants.

What makes us different?

Helping you create an amazing experience for participants, from event discovery to finish line feeling - and beyond.

Easy to use, powerful registration platform

Tools that help you create a seamless participant experience

Customizable to meet your unique event needs

Segmentation and insight to help you reach diverse audiences at the right times

Memberships technology for the future

Inspire your community with an experience that boosts engagement and interaction

Use exclusive member-only benefits, discounts and access to build loyalty

Retain your audience with relevant and recurring touchpoints

Relentless focus on the participant

Inclusive and accessible UX design

Continuously improving software thanks to robust A/B testing

Built to keep participants coming to your events again and again

Reliable Technology. World class team. Partnered with you.

Data Science & Analytics

Product Design & Development

Partner Success & Customer Service

Delivering growth at every stage of the cycle

We exist to inspire participants to find, buy and manage tickets for moments that make them feel alive. Here’s how we can help you.


Attract new participants to your events when people are considering what’s next


Marketplace SEO    •    Marketplace listing    •   Referrals    •    Discount windows


Increase your conversion with best-in-class registration technology


Flow optimization     •    LDT-funded referrals     •   Upsell tactics     •    Add-ons     •    Large Group Registrations

Bay to Breakers saw a 48% uplift in their performance after partnering with us.

Race Day

Our organizer and consumer apps take management and engagement to new heights


Instant race photos     •    In-app reg     •    QR code check-in     •    Dynamic bib assignment     •    FOMO messaging

Post Race

Send personalized comms to bring your participants back time after time


Drag & drop email tool     •    Organizer branding     • Audience segments

“LDT have unrivalled data and insights on how participants search for, engage with and ultimately sign up for events...”

Crystian Kumnick

General Manager at
Motiv Sports

“A great company to book running events with. A really easy website to use with amazing customer support when you need it”

Fiona - registered on Let's Do This

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