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What is a Virtual Event?

A Virtual Event is an event of your own design that can be completed by your participants remotely from wherever they are in the world. Our platform allows participants to sign up to your unique Virtual Event, complete their respective distance or challenge within your chosen time-frame, submit their results and, most importantly, be able to celebrate with their fellow participants at the virtual Finish Line.

Whether you are an established event organizer looking to host a large event, or an individual looking to host an event for your local community, Virtual Events are an easy and accessible way to engage with your community.

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Why run a Virtual Event?

Community Engagement

Bring your community together, even when you're apart. No matter how big or small your community is, give them a memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Raise Money for Charity

Virtual Events are a fantastic way to raise money for charity while physical events are on hold. Participants to make additional donations to your chosen cause during our booking flow.

Replace a Cancelled Event

Reduce the pressure to offer refunds or deferrals to participants by running a Virtual event. Offering t-shirts and medals to finishers is a great way to put swag from physical events to use.

Recurring Revenue

Massive upheavals in the world of endurance events have put enormous strain on event organizers. Hosting a Virtual Event, especially a Virtual Event series, is a great way to ensure recurring revenue.

Our Solution

Case Studies

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Virtual Gin Run

Event Organiser:
Secret London Runs

Tickets Sold: 130+

Sales: £2,000+

Social Distancing 6K

Event Organiser:
Mercury Events

Tickets Sold: 1500+


Go The Extra Yard for the Yard

Event Organiser:
The Yard Scotland

Tickets Sold: 180

Sales: £1,900

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