OurVirtual Event Solution

We reimagined the entire Virtual Event experience, bringing the best parts of physical events online.

Our Simple Premise

When people do a Virtual Event, they want the same sense of excitement and camaraderie that they get from physical events. They want to connect with those around them, celebrate their achievements, and feel the buzz of reaching the finish line.

Our Features

Why use LDT to power your Virtual Event?

Design your Virtual Event

Customize your event page to communicate your brand and messaging to your participants. You know what gets your community buzzing, so whether it's epic trails, family fun, running for charity, or simply just giving them an opportunity to dress up, you can create an epic event for your community.

Custom Pricing & Concise Booking Flow

Whether you want to charge for individual events, offer discounts for series passes, or simply get your participants running for free, you choose how you want to price your tickets. Our concise booking flow minimizes hassle, and maximizes sign-ups.

Easy Group Sign-ups and Social Sharing

Running is best done together. We've seen participants consistently signing up their friends to join them at their Virtual Event. Our group sign-up feature allows participants to create custom groups and invite their friends and family members through a unique link to book and participate together.

We also give people the ability to easily share your events with the people they love most across social media at multiple points during their event experience.

Simple Result Submission & Verified Finishers

We ask participants to submit proof of their activity using a running app or GPS watch to verify their times. This verification confirms the legitimacy of each participant's result, and reassures participants of the professionalism of your events.

Interactive Finish Line

People have different motivations for signing up to an event. Some like to complete it with friends; others want a PR. But whatever their motivation, they want to share their experience with other people.

At the finish line, participants can give each other virtual high-fives, and comment on the photos of fellow finishers, congratulating each other on their achievements.

Our Virtual Events Catalogue

From Couch to 5k Series to 1000 mile distance challenges, you can create events that your community will love.

Virtual Races

Recreate a physical race-day atmosphere and give your participants the dream race they've been training for.

Distance Challenges

Challenge your participants to complete a certain distance within a timeframe of your choosing.

Building Series

Run weekly or biweekly training events in preparation for a flagship event that will keep your participants committed to a goal.

Themed Series

Host a series of events based on a theme.  Get participants to dress up, listen to playlists, or explore a different route each week.

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