Virtual Event FAQs
Answers to some of the most common questions about our Virtual Event Solution
What is a Virtual Event?
A Virtual Event is an event where, instead of completing the same course at the same time, your participants complete your event remotely. Participants complete the prescribed distance in their own time and place, and record themselves using a running app or GPS watch, in order to submit their results online.
Can I launch a Virtual Event even if I have postponed my physical event?
Yes. If you've postponed your event, we can still help you launch the virtual version of that event. If you'd like to launch a completely new virtual event, we can do that too.
Can I take sign-ups from new participants for my Virtual Event?
Yes! We will continue to help you take new sign-ups for all of your events including your virtual ones. This tool lets you give pre-existing participants a new option, and find new customers.
Can I offer multiple distances?
Yes! It's completely up to you. But in general, clarity is king, so try not to over-complicate your event.
When runners submit virtual results, do you check if they are signed up for the event?
Yes. We ask participants to enter their Booking Reference when submitting their virtual results on our site. We will check it against your list of booking references / registration ID's, if you can provide it to us (we don't need you to provide us with any personal data, only booking references).
What is the Virtual Event time window?
Unlike physical events, most virtual events don't have an exact start time. Instead, your participants can choose when they want to complete the event as long as it's within the time window that you set for your event. By default we set this time window as 48 hours after the event start date, but it is completely customizable based on your preferences.
Do you only offer this tool in certain countries?
We mainly serve organizers in the US and UK, but we can offer this tool to any organizer, anywhere in the world (COVID-19 is a global crisis).
Can runners run the exact course?
Runners are welcome to run your course, and we can include a GPX file if you have one. But during COVID-19 most won't be able to travel to the course, so they are free to run the equivalent distance wherever they are.
Do you have a waiver I can use?
For US organizers, RRCA have some recommended language for this here.
If you have any more questions about powering a Virtual Event or series with Let's Do This, get in touch here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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