Three quick tips to organically grow your instagram following

Instagram is one of the best mediums of free brand advertising in today’s era. For any brand, it provides an avenue through which you can keep your audience regularly engaged, sell merchandise, and promote your latest events. Above all, it allows you to promote your brand’s story and values - which is crucial when marketing in today’s climate.

Often it’s seen as time-consuming and unworthy, but the popularity of fitness accounts - for instance Joe Wicks - illustrates how the platform can play a crucial role in the mass participation sports industry, particularly in making sure that your events reach the younger generation. Here’s a quick best-practices guide for growing your instagram following.


Using the right content is crucial to successfully growing your following. What’s great is that we no longer require professional photographers or copywriters to provide good quality content.

Ensure your photos are clean, quality, and relevant to your brand. Like Maverick Race’s below:

Maverick Race Instagram Account

Remember, the photo is just the first step and even the best photos require context. While an account with good quality photos will draw a consumer in, it is your captions and story which will keep them.

Again, Maverick’s photo provides a great example as it is relevant to the current situation, but links back to their brand by ensuring that people use lockdown to retain their fitness so that they’re ready to take part in an epic event - like the one in their photo - when the time comes.

Don’t go overboard though, the best way to keep instagram engagement high is to ensure your messaging is clear and concise.


Each brand will have its own specific tone, colour, and general feel. All your instagram posts should relate back to this brand identity through recurrent, but subtle brand recognising factors.

At Let’s Do This, for example, we try to keep our colouring simple and our messaging clear: we want more people to sign up for epic experiences.

Let's Do This Instagram Account

Many brands communicate what they do, rather than why they do it. However, people resonate with the latter and if they believe in your company then they will support you and bring new followers to your instagram and then to your events.

It’s your story and values which can make your company stand out from the others and instagram is the perfect place to plug them.


Instagram posts need to be consistent and regular. Posting content at the same time each day, or each week is an easy way to let users know you’re active and when they should visit your account. In turn, consistent posting gives the impression of reliability which strengthens your brand image, and means that users build up a certain level of trust.

To ensure you are consistently reaching the right people, you can use hashtags which appeal to people who are genuinely interested in your brand and what you do. Instagram caters for up to 30 hashtags, however it’s better to have a small batch of hashtags which are consistent and relevant to the audience you are targeting.

For example, Yellow Runner - a pro mountain runner - uses hashtags which specifically appeal to people who enjoy the mountains.

Yellow Runner Instagram Account

By consistently reaching people who are genuinely interested in what you do, your account is more likely to get shared amongst groups of like minded people and, as a result, grow faster.


In short, instagram is too useful a platform to not be utilized. Its reach is enormous and, with a little time and effort, you can really begin to create a solid platform for advertising. Consistent, quality, and brand focussed content is the key to unlocking the host of demand which the social media platform holds.

Now, more than ever, event organisers need to inspire consumer confidence and this social medium platform provides the perfect medium through which you can do this.

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