Let's Do This - October Market Update

Once again the Covid-19 pandemic has led to drastic government action with a second national lockdown in England introduced on 5th November and set to run until 2nd December.

Evidently, this is a further blow for the mass participation events industry, which was successfully managing to stage more and more Covid-secure events. That said, the second lockdown comes at a better time than back in March, with the 2020 season drawing to a natural close.

However, the recent news of a breakthrough in the hunt for a Covid-19 vaccine marks a significant step in the right direction for mass participation events. For many, the organisation and delivery of large events remain untenable until a vaccine is found and this news offers a significant ray of light in what has been a tough season.

Executive Summary:

1. Event Page visits remain consistent throughout October
Event page visits have levelled out at around 30 - 35% of 2019’s visits

2. Booking conversion rates recover from September Dip
While September saw a dip in booking conversions, October saw an increase to match the highs of August - the highest since the pandemic started.
- Lockdown 2 heralded a temporary dip, but demand is now building strongly for events scheduled in Spring / Summer 2021

3. Vaccine break-through signals optimism for mass participation events
- Holly Millward, managing director for CSM Asia, previously remarked: ‘I can’t see mass participation sports events return in original form before a vaccine is discovered.’
- News of a vaccine will be of some hope to larger organisers, who have struggled to host events under current guidelines.

Event Page Sessions & Booking Conversion

Event page visits have steadied through October - at around 30% - 35% of 2019 traffic levels.

Booking conversion is the percentage of event page visits which have converted into actual bookings on Let’s Do This - and we’ve been tracking these throughout the final quarter of the year to understand how they’re reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we can see from the above, conversion numbers have risen from their September dip; hitting the levels seen in August, which were the highest since the pandemic began.

The continued rise in booking conversion throughout October can be attributed to the increase in events scheduled for Spring and Summer of 2021 going live.


While the second national lockdown is undoubtedly a blow to the industry in the short term, it also offers the opportunity to look forward with optimism and excitement to 2021 and capitalise on the high levels of demand for this period.

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