LDT bookings and traffic steadily rising as Return to Racing beckons

The February 22nd Roadmap announcement from the Prime Minister was a hugely exciting step toward the return of normality in the UK. Alongside the outline of a four-step ‘one way road to freedom, the Prime Minister announced the aim to end all lockdown restrictions by June 21st of this year. 

This is hugely exciting news for the mass participation events industry, with Covid-secure events now appearing a very real possibility, in weeks rather than months. With 21 million people in the UK now vaccinated and Spring right around the corner, there are significant steps being made in the right direction.


1. Event Page Traffic climbing,  steadily

Event page visits are now climbing at a steady rate, and have been since early February now.

2. Booking Conversion rate recovering 

While the latest lockdown saw a predictable dip over winter, conversion rate has been climbing every week since Jan 18th. Booking conversion is the percentage of event page visits which have converted into actual bookings on Let’s Do This - and we’ve been tracking these throughout the last year to understand how they’re reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


As we can see from the above, numbers have risen steadily from the lows of Lockdown, but March has seen a really encouraging uptick in conversion rate. We're attributing the continued rise in booking conversion since the start oft his month to not only the positive news from the UK government, and the riser in site traffic to a flurry of events going live - with more events now available than there have been since late summer 2020. While the latest national lockdown has undoubtedly been a blow, the market is seeing the end of the line on limitations to public life, and entrants are hungry for new events to seek their teeth into.

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