5 perks of working with Let’s Do This you might not know about

Running an events business is a big undertaking. You manage the planning, logistics, entrants, finances, marketing and so much more!

At Let’s Do This, we aim to inspire more epic experiences than any other community on the planet, but that goes for our partners as well as users! 

Whether you’re currently working with us or not, here are 5 perks you might not know about (but should!).

Control your bookings

You can easily manage your bookings and event pages in your organiser dashboard, your homebase on LDT. Quickly view how entries are getting on, entries from previous years, as well as having total control over when you close bookings for specific races or tickets on Let's Do This.

Editing your content

You can increase your page performance on Let's Do This by adding photos, tags, what's included, and other content to your event pages, to make them as discoverable as possible onsite. We are constantly monitoring what users need to ensure you can provide them with the content they need to book - just one perk of working with us!

Sync your bookings data

We know how important it is that you have a handle on your entrant data. We make it easy to sync your bookings with your current entry platform. Including live integrations with Eventrac, RiderHQ and more on the way.

Targeted Marketing

As part of a partnership with Let's Do This, you can take advantage of our full marketing expertise. We work with you to provide the most exposure both onsite and elsewhere. With tactics ranging from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, onsite promotion, Spotlight Organiser features on our socials, we're bound to find the perfect strategy for your portfolio. And the best bit? We take the full financial burden for all of our marketing - you'll never pay more than your agreed commission.

The LDT Injury Policy

One of the reasons people love booking through Let's Do This is our Injury Policy.

We offer our users free protection against injury. If they get injured before an event, we will refund the full cost of their ticket, provided they let us know up until 4 days before the event date. You'll have full visibility over any bookings that we refund through your dashboard - the ticket status column will show as 'Refunded'.

For your peace of mind - LDT will always cover the cost of a refund made using the Injury Policy.

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